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FLIM @ Blackmoon, Thailand

Hailing from Thailand's southern region, FL!M has been passionately contributing to the global
techno community, bringing his high-energy performances and abstract energetic productions to dance-floors throughout
the world.
Trained originally as a rock drummer, 
Flim became attracted to the tribal sounds of techno early on and could soon be found deejaying in venues throughout the infamous southern islands of Koh-Samui and Koh-Phangan. 
His infectious and energetic performances proved addictive, leading to residencies at Thailand's world-renowned Full Moon, Black Moon,
and Half Moon parties. After relocating to the epicenter of electronic music in Canada – Toronto, he founded Blackmoon
Productions quickly made his name synonymous with Canada's free Techno scene thanks to his memorable squat parties
and a deep talent for keeping dance floors moving. Before long, FL!M was gracing premier electronic clubs such as Montreal's Circus, Toronto's Circa, and top-tier Canadian festivals such
as WEMF and the Eclipse Festival.

FL!M has relocated to France and operate his label MAETTA Records in Cannes, the Cote d'Azur,  throwing beach parties bringing international DJs 
such as Nakadia, Scan X, Simina Grigoriu, and many more.

FL!M appeared at the top French festivals Piknic Electronique, Plage Electronique, Maison Sonore
Riviera Electro Festival.
His music has been featured in Tsugi Magazine, Liberation, VICE, etc.

Behind the decks, FL!M has become renowned for bringing the energy, charisma, and sound that only a seasoned producer has, And deejay can. From dark vibes and slamming beats to rolling climaxes and funky grooves, FL!M perfectly blends his original production tracks with other production, 
Across genres of Techno, Making his international performances a must-see event that will keep people talking long after the music has stopped.


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